Read this Letter to the Editor as it originally appeared June 11, 2023 on TAPintoWestfield.

My husband, Rob, and I have lived in Westfield for over 15 years, and are the proud parents of Maya, a seventh grader at Roosevelt Intermediate School. I grew up in West New York with my family who immigrated from Ecuador in the 1970’s in search of better economic opportunities and living conditions. I never lose sight of how fortunate we are to be raising our daughter in this beautiful town, and I am running for Westfield Town Council to give back to the community that has given my family so much.  

In particular, I want to ensure that Westfield preserves what makes our community so special, while taking advantage of the many opportunities we have to create an even brighter future for our children and families. Municipalities across New Jersey are contending with big challenges from affordability to downtown vibrancy, to traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, and Westfield is no different. Fortunately, we have an engaged, intelligent and caring community that shares a commitment to doing what is best for our town. 

While we may all agree on our challenges, I know that not everyone will agree on how we solve them, and that is okay. What is most important is that we have Town Council members who listen, and work to bring people together to address concerns, which is what I have done throughout my professional career.


As manager of patron services at the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, I negotiate complex deals including large scale capital and infrastructure projects that require bringing parties with a broad array of interests and positions together to deliver best possible outcomes for the Authority, the vendor and most importantly, the motoring public. The skills that I use every day in my professional life are the same skills that I am committed to bringing to the Town Council.

I am particularly interested in advocating for improved safety measures for bicyclists and pedestrians, increased traffic enforcement to reduce speeding since Ward 2 includes major roads such as North and South Avenues and East Broad St., as well as many well-traveled secondary roads. 

Ward 2 also includes that majority of Westfield’s downtown, our crown jewel, so I pledge to work with my colleagues to continue our progress on downtown revitalization while delivering on a commitment to improve intersections, walkability and enforcement of traffic laws.

I will also work to continue Westfield’s tradition of fiscal responsibility, while looking for new ways to deliver value for residents. In my time at the Turnpike Authority, I have worked to bring private investment in to help finance public amenities and infrastructure. As a member of the Town Council, I will bring my experience to bear to help find creative ways to make the investments we need.

Over the next several months, I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors to hear about your concerns, and how, as a member of the Town Council, I can best serve and support your interests.